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Traffic Map

Traffic Map

Traffic Map

Car Riders


Parents/guardians of car riders must enter the parking lot from Brawley and use the entrance closest to McDonald's. There is ONLY one drop off lane (next to sidewalk). If parents need to walk their child in for any reason, they must park in the visitor parking lot and walk your child across the drop off lane. There is NO parking in the drop off lane. When exiting the parking lot, there is a right turn only back onto Brawley during arrival and dismissal hours.

Students may be dropped off at 8:40 and enter through the main entrance if they are eating breakfast.

Students that do NOT eat breakfast at school can be dropped off no earlier than 8:45 and need to enter through the east car rider door.


Parents/guardians follow the same traffic flow pattern during dismissal time. Each family will be assigned a number. These numbers will be displayed on rear view mirror tags and book bag tags. Each child will receive a book bag tag and each family will receive one rear view mirror tag. The tag must be displayed so that our dismissal staff can see it in order to call students out for dismissal in the order that parents arrive.

Bus Riders

Students who ride a bus will be given a bus number tag to attach to their book bag. Buses will enter and exit off of Fargo and Liberty. Only buses are permitted to use this entrance during arrival and dismissal times.

***Families will be charged $1.00 for replacement car rider and/or book bag tags. The first set will be given out free of charge.