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Conflict Resolution/Bullying

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a disagreement or agrument in which both sides express their views.  There is equal power between those involved.  Generally they stop and change their behavior when they realize it is hurting someone.  Often students will work things out themselves after talking it out or will want help from someone to work it out.  Students who are in a conflict with a friend and /or classmate can self-refer themselves to Mrs. Pfeifer if they need help to mediate a conflict.  If a parent and/or staff member identifies a student or group of students who need skill development in conflict resolution then the following skills can be worked as needed:
Understanding Feelings
Quick Calming Strategies
Size of Problem
Talk it Out Using "I" Statements
Think It or Say It?
Active Listening Skills
Problem Solving Skills


With bullying the goal is to hurt, harm or humiliate.  The person who is bullying has more power which can can come from being older, stronger, bigger, or more popular. The bully behavior is continued even when they realize it is hurting someone.  Any reports of bullying that are received by Mrs. Pfeifer will be forwarded to Mrs. Ryan per Buckeye board policy.  Students who have been involved in a bullying incident may be refered to Mrs. Pfeifer for various counseling topics depending on need including:
Social Skills
Anger Management
Friendship Building
Resiliency Skills
Emotion Regulation