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Anger Management


It's okay to be angry or mad (in the red zone- Zones of Regulation), but the goal is to understand one's anger and choose healthy ways to respond to it.  Kids are learning how to be able to express their anger in a socially appropriate manner by the rules in their family, in their school/classroom and also what is expected by their peers. One of the best ways to teach your child how to react to anger appropriately is to show them by modeling it as they will learn from watching your interactions with others..
Still there are many reasons or situations that a child/student will go through that might make them struggle with managing their anger for a period of time.  If your child is struggling with their anger. please call Mrs. Pfeifer for assistance so that she can arrange to see your child in a small group or individually for 4-6 sessions.
During these sessions, the following topics are discussed to help with managing anger (depending on the need of the student which will be discussed with the referring parent and/or staff member):
Identifying Feelings
Body Awareness of Anger
Thought Awareness of Anger (Negative self-talk vs. Positive self-talk)
Size of Problem
Circle of Control
Rules of Feeling Angry
Identify and explore anger triggers
Anger Iceberg 
Practice calm down strategies
Tame a Child's Tantrum